Thursday, 3 January 2013

FCC Tool for Mobile Security Threat Alerts

FCC Tool for Mobile Security Threat Alerts
FCC of United States has developed and issued the special tool for users mobile security threats facing most of people who are using mobile phones and lose it in daily routine. These type of thefts causing huge loss to the economy of United States which is associated with cellular phone security related or losing passwords. To tackle with such issues and protecting cellular customers, FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has developed special tool to ward off security threats and called it Smartphone Security Checker with the association with Department of Homeland Security, Sophos and Lookout. This application is available at Android, iOS devices, Windows and Blackberry devices. This tool will save million of users of United States from hacking of their passwords and snatching the smartphones from the Americans, said FCC Rules Chairman Julius Genachowski is his statement regarding Smartphone Security Checker application. He added in his statement that this application will also reduce the cyber crimes in United States. This mobile security software will improve mobile device security.

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