Saturday, 29 December 2012

iPhone 5 Screen Protecting is a profitable business in China for more money

iphone screen protector
As iPhone 5 breaks all the record of its selling around the world, now it has already launched in China also. In China, the iPhone 5 sales increasing day by day because the Chinese Customer is trusting Apple brands specially Apple’s smartphone series. As the introduction of iPhone in China, the sale and iPhone accessories making business has been established in China also. The retailer of iPhone in China rely on their own iPhone 5 accessories than official iPhone which are expensive also than China brand. Now the business of iPhone accessories in China has been expanding day by day especially the iPhone protective cover sale has been increased dramatically in China and it has become the most profitable business in China in the field of Smartphone series. The Apple resellers are making more money with Chinese brand of iPhone handset accessories. The price of iPhone 5 screen protector in China is about 18 Yuan which make $3.0 at international price. Such type of screen protectors are sold out at Official Apple Store in China and authorized Apple Resellers in China set the price of these accessories about $10.0 at international price. Apple resellers in China are well aware of need of Apple accessories in China because of huge demand of Apple Phones although the other local brand have already big phones in their pocket at very cheap prices than iPhone 5 official price rate in China. So we can say that the Screen Protecting Business is getting much profit than other mobile phones accessories in China.

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