Saturday, 29 December 2012

iPad Mini Sales in China as Hot Cake also in Hong Kong

iPad mini China
As the Apple iPhone has been official launched in China Market, now the iPad Mini is in queue in Chinese Market. As Topeka Capital Market’s Brian White said that Apple’s iPad mini is at top position in the other Chinese local Tablet and the people of China prefer Apple than other locally branded Chinese tablet. The Apple reseller stores are now empty after sale out the stock of Apple iPad mini. Such position also occurred in Hong Kong Tablet Market where it is selling like Hot Cake. It proves that the mini iPad is growing bigger in the Chinese Region including Hong Kong and they called it the next big thing in China. Apple recently also opened their retail store in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Beijing. The total stores in China of Apple now reached to eight in five years. Apple has already opened a store in Hong Kong also. Now there is no doubt that iOS is becoming more popular than Google Android OS and the Android venders are now worrying in this situation and thinking that how to compete with Apple iOS devices.

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