Sunday, 6 January 2013

Aljazeera, Global TV, Pioneer of Middle Eastern Media

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The Al Jazeera television network has taken the lead in the Middle East countries and now going to widen his feet in the United States. The information revolution in the Middle East has spawned new, more independent and diverse media outlets, especially television, such as Qater’s Aljazeera TV. We must understand why stations like Al Jazira are successful today? The dozen of new regional media outlets now available to the public have deprived Middle Eastern governments of their monopoly on information. Aljazeera TV has adopted the latest technology, equipments with well trained staff to organize and to competing the other international television stations in the News field. Any station that hopes to get a sizable market share of viewers must take into account consumer demand. Those who understand what the public wants to see and create programming that reflects consumer demand are the ones that succeed. In large part, al-Jazeera’s success springs from its ability to reflect public opinion, not to shape it. Any new television or radio outlet supported by the United States that does not take this reality into account would found its ability to compete in the region quite limited. Now the al-Jazira news has widened its operation in the United States and become the mainstream media outlet in the field. Al-Jazeera beats the CNN, FOX News, BBC and other international news channels for interactive and neutral coverage of all the major events happening in the world especially in the United States of America. Recently Al-Jazeera bought the Current TV for increasing the online visibility of their channel with on demand video services in the United States. The people in the world are now ready to switching from CNN to AlJazeera News Network for its reliability and credibility for coverage of the news events. Al-Jazeera is one and only television channel who enter the vast field of electronic media of the United States and prove it that Aljazeera can be replaced CNN (Cable News Network) indeed.

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