Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Al Jazeera Network Take the Current TV Business

Al Jazeera Network Take the Current TV Business
Aljazeera Network of Qatar, who has huge audiences in the Arab countries with full creditability upon its viewers. Aljazeera has much worked to get the US viewer-ship from its starting and become a powerful media group of the United States among the other players like CNN, Fox and has the deep relations with the Cable Companies of the United States and Distributors. Aljazeera now announced that they have purchased the Current TV for widening their TV distribution Network with more confident. According to New York Times, the Qatar based Aljazeera has finalizes the deal with Current TV Management which is already available in most of US Homes, Cable, Satellite and IPTV Services. With the acquisition of Current TV, Aljazeera has to do more for getting the audiences for grabbing the viewership of United States TV Customers. The Al Gore and Joel Hyatt has confirmed the deal of Aljazeera and Current TV. As the news for fresh deal of both the companies, Time Warner Cable removed the Current TV from its programming and distribution network.

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